Printing and Finishing Equipement, Supplies and Service

With 40 years of dedicated sales and service support, KBR Graphics is a major supplier to the Canadian printing industry. We offer a wide spectrum of practical, cost-effective and complete solutions from offset presses to print finishing and bindery solutions from major manufacturers.

At KBR Graphics, we understand that each customer is different and has distinct needs. Our sales and service teams work in partnership with our customers to offer customized strategies that will give them a competitive advantage to acquire new customers, increase revenue, get more referral business, and set them apart from competitors. We are open-minded and receptive to new ideas and challenges and offer solutions that are 100% focused on your needs and budget.


At KBR, the sense of family and partnership, rests on the values of unity, integrity and hospitality and is reflected on the commitment of the team and Customer Service oriented philosophy.

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