LED-UV Curing Unit

Available for the two-up Ryobi 520 Series press, the B2+ format 750 Series, and the eight-up Ryobi 920 Series press.
Manufacturer: RMGT: RYOBI MHI

LED-UV Perfecting System

The RYOBI MHI LED-UV Perfector is an available option on all RYOBI MHI offset presses. The LED-UV Perfector dries printed sheets instantly, and offers impressive energy savings with superior ease of use. This system greatly reduces energy consumption and also features a much longer lifespan than conventional lamp perfecting systems. The LED-UV Perfector produces minimal heat and zero ozone pollution, making it very eco-friendly.

The Next generation of Offset Printing

RYOBI MHI is the first printing press manufacturer to put LED-UV curing to practical use. The LED-UV curing unit replaces conventional UV lamps with long-life UV light-emitting diodes (LED's), cutting power consumption by at least 70%. Drying times are shortened, speeding up job completion, whilst the light source should last as much as twelve times longer than conventional lamps. The system generates minimal heat and no ozone, providing a real environmental plus, and eliminating the need for exhaust equipment to handle both heat and ozone.

This breakthrough technology is viewed by many as the most significant advancement in UV technology for 30 years. Light emitting diodes (LED's) are extremely efficient. Instead of using electricity to heat up a metal filament, LED's produce light by channelling an electric current through a semiconductor material. The result: close to 100% of the electricity is converted into light with virtually no waste heat generation.The LED-UV unit is now available for the two-up Ryobi 520 Series press, the B2+ format 750 Series, and the eight-up Ryobi 920 Series press.

Comparison between LED-UV Printing and Conventional Offset Printing

LED-UV Printing system VS Printing using oil-based ink

  • Instant drying means no setoff
  • Instant drying means no waiting time
  • Insatnt drying means no spray powder
  • Eco-friendly

LED-UV Printing system VS UV printing by conventional Lamp System

  • Reduces energy consumption by 70% - 80%
  • No ozone odor
  • No infrared light used
  • LED-UV light instantly turns on and off
  • Space-saving design
  • Long-life LED-UV light