Sterling Digipunch

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Sterling  Digipunch

The Sterling® Digipunch® is an economical high speed punch designed for short run binderies as well as digital and commercial printers. The machine allows for punching up to 60,000 sheets per hour! That's a big pile of paper for a small machine and a half million sheets per shift.

The Sterling® Digipunch® features a variable pile lift, which allows for slowing the machine down for difficult jobs, such as stock that is curled, stock with static, or acetate. Punch sheets with covers or tabs intermixed.

A touch screen offers complete automatic set up and automatic changeovers. The touch screen takes the guesswork out of the maintenance cycle by prompting operators when it is time to lubricate or sharpen the die. Unlike many other machines, it is possible to run the machine in reverse to clear jam ups.

Punch sheets from 4.5 X 5.5 inches to 12 X 14 inches for Plastic Coil, Double Loop Wire, Plastic Comb, Three Hole-- or any hole pattern.

The Sterling Digipunch offers the latest development in punching equipment to make swift set up and changeovers. Embrace the latest in digital technology with The STERLING DIGIPUNCH.

Sterling Digipunch Stabber Naked

Stabber: The stabber can be set to stab 3 - 17 sheets. This is more consistent than punches that rely on gravity to feed the paper.

Sterling Digipunch

Registration Table : This registers the paper on all four sides, using side guides and rear stops. The rear stops accommodate sheets intermixed with tabs.

Sterling Digipunch Die 

Die: The dies can be changed in seconds. Pull pins result in faster changeovers between sheet sizes.

Sterling Digipunch Stacker

Stacker: The receding stacker operates in tandem with the feeder and stops the machine when the stacker is full.

Sterling Digipunch Screen Format

Touch Screen: The Digipunch's touch screen guides you through the entire punching process. You choose the paper size from a variety of presets or enter a custom size. Choose how many sheets you want to punch per lift, punching less for problem stocks. The computer will track the maintenance cycle of each die that is used, prompting when to lubricate or sharpen the die. It also prompts the operator when safety covers are open. The manual is contained in the touch screen computer with a variety of tips and tricks to make the operation of the machine quick and easy.