FinishMaster 100 (FM100FF)

Price: $7,325.00
Perforating, Scoring, Slitting System
Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard

FinishMaster 100

Tabletop design makes the FinishMaster 100 (FM100FF) portable and easy to set up. The feeder design ensures consistent and true feeding throughout the job. The accessory holders, each individually adjustable, allow easy blade changes to minimize set-up time and effort. The anvil-style perforating provides a flat, burr-free finish capable of being fed through any subsequent finishing equipment with ease. And with a maximum production rate of 10,000 sheets per hour, the "100" makes short work of your perf/score/slit needs. Don't forget,the FinishMaster 100 can be upgraded at any time to the FM 150.


  • Variable speed, up to 10,000 standard-size sheets per hour
  • Tabletop model; optional stand available
  • Perforating options: 2,4,6,8,12,16 TPI
  • MICROPERF options: 42 or 72 TPI
  • Scoring options: wide (standard), narrow or double
  • Optional slitting blade available
  • Ability to control depth of each perf/score/slit independently
  • Blade changes in seconds
  • Automatic feed
  • Optional conveyor outfeed delivery
  • 2 accessory holders supplied standard, each with one 12 TPI perf blade and one score blade
  • Upgradable to FM150