Integrity and Verification with reporting
Manufacturer: Standard/Horizon

The Standard VIVA suite of vision-based inspection systems is custom-designed for document integrity and verification in production environments. VIVA stands for verification, integrity, vision, and automation. The VIVA line can be deployed across a range of Standard Horizon and Standard Hunkeler solutions to ensure quality control, tracking, end-to-end system control, and reporting for personalized document production.  VIVA vision-based inspection systems allow the operator to identify regions of interest and tune the cameras specifically to verify the information contained in those regions.  VIVA can also report directly to proprietary or third-party MIS, and can support virtually any symbology (1D, 2D, OCR, OMR and others).  VIVA’s flexible software and hardware architecture can be deployed to address a broad range of inspection-related applications.  And VIVA can be adapted to present data in different forms needed for legacy systems.

Saddlestitching Application 

A VIVA camera is mounted in the HOF High-speed Sheet Feeder, reading each sheet presented for sheet-level and set-level integrity.  As sheets flow through the StitchLiner system for stitching, folding and face trimming, they’re read by another VIVA camera at the exit end for closed-loop reporting that the document was successfully produced. 

Book Binding Application
One VIVA camera is mounted for easy reading prior to the operator placing the book block into the clamp of the BQ-470 perfect binder, while another VIVA camera reads each cover as it is fed into the nipping station.  VIVA matches book block to cover to guard against mis-matches or covers that may be loaded improperly.