CreaseMaster PLUS

Creasing and Perforating System
Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
3600 sheets per hour
Price: $18,475.00
4600 sheets per hour
Price: $18,995.00

CreaseMaster PLUS

The CreaseMaster Plus is ideal for the mid to high volume users ensuring a professional finish for every job. This pneumatic model is available in two production speeds; 3600 sph or 4600 sph and both offer multiple creases per sheet, job memory as well as options such as Strike perf and Impact perf.


  • Impact creasing significantly reduces cracking of digitally-printed substrates during the finishing process.
  • Inverted AND regular impact creasing in the same pass!
  • Up to 10 impact creases per sheet.
  • Up to 20 jobs can be stored into memory.
  • Easy-to-use programming. Set up in minutes!
  • Rotary perforations (at the entrance of the machine for accuracy; no tail whip) are anvil style and produce a "burr-free" finish. Microperfs are also available.
  • Optional strike perf attachment and Impact Perf available for "box" or "T" perfs. ( not included )
  • NOTE: machines are pneumatic and require compressed air (compressor; not supplied) to operate.