RMGT Celebrates 10 Years of LED-UV For Offset Print at 2018 Print UV Conference

13 février 2018

RMGT Celebrates 10 Years of LED-UV For Offset Print at 2018 Print UV Conference

RMGT is proud to recognize the 10-year anniversary of the release of LED-UV curing for offset print by Ryobi Graphic Systems (which formed a joint venture company with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to form RMGT in 2014).  This celebration will be held during the 11th Annual Print UV Conference, February 26-28, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference features technology tracks and roundtable discussions featuring the best UV printers and UV suppliers as they uncover the new ideas and growth opportunities that UV printing enables.

“In 2008, Ryobi Graphic Systems (now RMGT) in conjunction with Panasonic was the first press manufacturer in the industry to offer fully integrated LED-UV curing systems as a factory installed option for sheet-fed offset presses,” states Kian Hemmen, Sales Director for Print & Finishing Solutions, the Western Distributor for RMGT. “Our customers nationwide are leveraging LED-UV printing technologies to grow their business in creative ways. In addition to the benefits of powder-free printing, zero dry back, and curing on non-porous substrates; RMGT printers are introducing new coatings and printing on unique substrates such as PVC, synthetic paper, and styrene. We look forward to hearing our customers share their success stories and adding our voice to the dialogue at Print UV.”

ELITE RMGT User Group Meeting Welcomes All Printers
For the first time since it’s foundation, this years ELITE RMGT User Group meeting will be open to printers with other brands of press. Along with technical topics this year’s meeting will focus on the sale and marketing of LED-UV printed enhancements and special effects applications to help all LED-UV printers grow their business. Again this year the event will be held at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas on Monday February 26th in the afternoon prior to the official opening of the Print UV Conference. 

In celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of LED-UV for print a representative from the RMGT will open the meeting with a champagne toast and special message from the President of RMGT Mr. Katsushi Hirokawa.  As the developer of LED-UV technology for offset print RMGT is proud of their role in revolutionizing this vital part of the industry.  The Keynote session will allow attendees to hear directly from a select panel of ELITE RMGT users who have introduced LED-UV print to large and small print markets throughout North America.  Industry experts will also provide technical presentations on an array of topics interesting to LED-UV printers. To learn more about the ELITE RMGT User Group meeting visit www.Ryobimhi.com

LED-UV’s Impact On The Industry and The Environment
Since the introduction of LED-UV for print at Drupa 2008 RMGT has delivered over 400 LED-UV equipped offset presses of all sizes and configurations throughout the world and no other manufacturer can claim as many placements.  The impact of these 400 “RMGT early adopters” cannot be over-emphasized as global industry acceptance has only come through the experience and market penetration of these pioneers. 

Perhaps more important is the worldwide impact that LED-UV’s massive energy use reduction has made on the environment.  LED-UV’s anti-pollution impact can likely be measured in the millions of tons of carbon that have not been released into the atmosphere and eliminating ozone from the workplace has resulted in over 400 safer and healthier pressrooms around the world.

About the Print UV Conference                                                
The Print UV Conference is the premier all-in-one conference event for leaders in the global UV printing industry. Attendees meet annually in Las Vegas to network, engage with printers and leading suppliers, uncover new ideas and growth opportunities, dive deep into core UV processes with experts from multiple fields and hear case studies from successful UV print initiatives around the world. To get more information and register for the Print UV Conference, visit http://www.printuv.com  

About RMGT 
RMGT is represented in the US and Canada by a group of six authorized sales and service centers that serve commercial printers, offset packaging converters and in-plant printers in North America. This network constitutes the single largest offset press sales and service team in North America. In 2008, RMGT introduced the first LED-UV printing system for sheet-fed offset printing. Today, RMGT continues to apply their technological expertise and creativity for constant innovation, providing the printing industry with meaningful products and services. Learn more about RMGT at www.ryobimhi.com