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From $3,950.00

Combination Joggers

Manufacturer: Challenge
Heavy-duty 20” x 26”, 24” x 36” or 28” x 40” tilt-top tables for large lifts and finished press sheets.

JF Drill

Manufacturer: Challenge
A manual, foot pedal operated drill with 2" drilling capacity. Auto-trip side guide for multi-hole patterns.
From $795.00


Manufacturer: Challenge
Part Number(s): CMC-497A, A-6822-1
Powerful jogging action with optional air separation for static-laden digitally printed materials


Manufacturer: Challenge
Table-top drill with up to 2½" drilling


Manufacturer: Challenge
This small but mighty jogger provides a powerful, quiet, maintenance-free jogging action that efficiently jogs paper up to 11” x 17” (A3).
From $9,950.00


Manufacturer: Challenge
Drills the most popular 3-hole patterns in one stroke as well as single and double hole

Round Cornering machine (Hydraulic)

Manufacturer: Challenge
SCM Hydraulic

Round Cornering Machine (Manual)

Manufacturer: Challenge
MSCM Manual


Manufacturer: Challenge
Heavy-duty, large capacity table top design


Manufacturer: Challenge
Affordable stock truck holds (4) piles of 11" x 17" up to 21" tall. Perfect for printers, copy centers, mail rooms, and offices.


Manufacturer: Challenge
Self-squaring slanted shelves hold up to 11" x 17" stock. 500 lb total truck capacity on 12 shelves.

PowerLift I

Manufacturer: Challenge
Designed and engineered by Challenge, the PowerLift II lifts and lowers pallets up to 55" x 41" and 2,500 pounds.
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