Rotary Die Cutter 13"x21.65"
Manufacturer: Standard/Horizon

Rotary Die-cut System RD-3346

Compact, efficient rotary die-cut system.

The RD-3346 Rotary Die-Cut System meets the growing demand for short-run applications. It’s well suited for small applications such as tags and business cards. The RD-3346 die-cuts and kiss-cuts various flexible substrates up to 0.013" thickness for digital and offset printed sheets.

At speeds up to 5,000 cycles per hour feeding, die-cutting and separating are achieved in one pass Rotary

Die-cut System (Max. 330.2 x 550 mm / 13" x 21.65")

Various applications: Suitable for small applications such as business cards and product tags. Flexible substrates can be run through for die cutting and kiss cutting for sheet thicknesses up to 0.35 mm / 0.013”.

Save the cost of die making: Uniquely designed servo motor controlled "Repeat Register" feature allows multiple-up applications from single-up die to minimize die cost.

Separator: The separator removes the waste from the fi nished product and delivers it into the waste bin. Only fi nished products is delivered on the delivery tray.

Die Cutting Section: Servo motor driven gripper rollers ensure the die cut position and also enables repeat register function to minimize die cost and imposition fl exibility. Maximum production speed is 5,000 cycles per hour and up to 0.35 mm / 0.013” thickness substratecan be run through.

Feeding and registration: Vacuum belt feeding enables superior feeding with easy set up and operation. Sheets are fi rmly registered by the vacuum belt for accurate and consistent quality.

Operation Console: The sheet size and die cutting position can be set through the intuitive touch screen. The graphical illustrations on the screen are simple and easy to understand. The error description will be displayed on the touch panel for quick error.


  • Sheet FeedingSystem= Vacuum Belt Feed

  • Sheet Size (Before processing)  Width x Length Max. 330.2 x 550 mm / 13” x 21.65”-  Min. 170×275 mm / 6.69” x 10.83”

  • Finished Size= The size may be limited depending on shape and sheet weight range.

  • With separator Max. 306 x 440 mm / 12.04” x 17.32”  Min. 40 x 60 mm / 1.58” x 2.37”

  • Without separator (with nick) Max. 314 x 440 mm / 12.36” x 17.32”  Min. Depending on die shape

  • Processed Material= Normal paper, Coated paper, Cardboard

  • Material Thickness 127.9 to 320 gsm Max. 0.35 mm / 0.013”

  • Feeder Pile Height 500 mm / 19.68”

  • Die Size (Upper Die) Max. 330 x 460 mm / 12.99” x 18.11” Min. 160 x 70 mm / 6.30” x 2.76”

  • Upper Cutting Blade Height 0.6 mm / 0.0236”

  • Production Speed 5,000 rotations per hour (If the sheet length is longer than 400 mm/ 15.75”, the production speed is automatically adjusted to half.)

  • Voltage/Frequency Single Phase 200 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz

  • Machine Dimensions  With Separator W2,739 x D695 x H1,105 mm / 107.9” x 27.4” x 43.5-  Without Separator W2,150 x D695 x H1,105 mm / 84.7” x 27.4” x 43.5