Perfecta 168 (66") Paper Cutter

First class guillotine
Manufacturer: Perfecta

A first-class, heavy duty computer-controlled high-speed guillotine shown with the TS CIP4/JDF 19" touch screen computer, oversize tables, stainless steel air bed, high speed knife change, and slotless table. For print shops, paper mills, binderys and plastic converters that want to economically and precisely accomplish complex and frequently changing jobs.



Standard Features


Cutting Table Width

66 inches

TS computer

Carbide and non stick blades

Feed Height

6 1/2 inches

Two hand cut control

Smart Clamp

Useful Rear Table Length

66 inches (82.7 inches - LS)

Mechanical non repeat device

Automatic Waste Removal (AWR)

Minimum Cut

1 inch (without false clamp)

Self monitoring safety light barrier

Variable speed knife

Minumum Cut

3 inches (with false clamp)

Overload protection device

Swivel/Tilt backgauge

 Continuous Cycle Rate

42 cycles per minute 

Self contained air bed

Dual linear backgauge servo drive (LS)

Clamping Force

770-13230 pounds per sq inch

CIP 3 enabled


Main Drive Power

7.5 kW

Hydraulic clamp

Larger clamp

Power Required

220 Volts / 3 Phase / 60 Amps

Gear driven knife

Front and/or rear hold down device

Table light and Cut line light

Blow down device for the AWR

Shown above is a 168 TS CIP4/JDF computer

Click for more info on the Perfecta TS Computer

The Perfecta knife change. The safest and fastest in the industry...and NO expensive turnbuckle to deal with!

Perfecta's 115 to 225 gearbox system is the strongest in the world. Failures are unheard of...PERIOD. Backed by an unheard of TEN YEAR WARRANTY; from the worlds oldest cutter manufacturer, Perfecta

Perfecta's slotless table and dual linear servo drive backgauge control combine for error free cutting at speeds of 30 inches per second at reverse speed.
Perfecta's slotless table and servo drive backgauge control combine for error free cutting at speeds of 12 inches per second. *Also available in the LS (dual linear servo drives) at 30 inches per second reverse speed.

The Perfecta AWR. Scrap removal the fast way... AWR is available on all TS models from 92 to 225.

The swivel backgauge: A bindery managers best friend!

Perfecta has a full range of peripherals ready to speed up your production. Custom made cutting solutions can increase your productitivy up to 300 percent.