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50498 Baum Tab-Sheet Detector

Part Number(s): baum-50498
Old style 714

714 Dust Cover

Part Number(s): 268-743-01-00
Covers entire folder to protect unit form paper dust and other airborne matter when not in use.

714 Perf-Score Attachment

Part Number(s): 343-105
To convert the folder into a stand-alone perf / score / slitting machine in minutes and back fo folding when required. Ideal for preventing ...

BAUM ifold

ifold is a patent-pending product featuring a tutorial interface available only on the new “ifold” series BAUM floor model folders. ifold is ...

BAUM Tire sucker wheel-50080

Part Number(s): BAUM-50080
50080 clear yellowish rubber tire

M036369-12 Pusher Plate

Manufacturer: Standard/Horizon
Part Number(s): M036369-12


Manufacturer: Standard/Horizon
Part Number(s): MT-330
Stand for PF-P330 Table top folder

S-261-680-BG-01 BAUM Tab-sheet Detector

Part Number(s): S261-680-BG-01

S262-038-BG-01 Retainer

Part Number(s): S262-038-BG-01
Horseshoe assy-retainer