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From $36.00

Baum Drill Bits

Part Number(s): NDB-0527, NDB-0529, NDB-0531, NDB-0531-CHT, NDB-0533, NDB-0546, NDB-0535, NDB-0535-CHT, NDB-0548, NDB-0538

BAUM ifold

ifold is a patent-pending product featuring a tutorial interface available only on the new “ifold” series BAUM floor model folders. ifold is ...

BAUM Tire sucker wheel-50080

Part Number(s): BAUM-50080
50080 clear yellowish rubber tire

CBS-170XL037 Graphic Whizard Timing Belt 170XL037

Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
Part Number(s): CBS-170XL037
From $41.00

Challenge Cutting Sticks

Manufacturer: Challenge
Part Number(s): CH-4171, CH-4166, CH-4165, CH-42008
Sold in pack of 10
From $34.00

Challenge Drill Bits

Manufacturer: Challenge
Part Number(s): CD-112, CD-132, CD-2-3, CD-3, TCD-3, CD-4, CD4-2 1/2, CD-5, TCD-5, CD5-2 1/2, TCD5-2 1/2, CD-6, TCD-6, CD6-2 1/2, TCD6-2 1/2, CD-7, CD-8, CD8-2 1/2, TCD8-2 1/2, CD-92
From $41.50

FL (AG) Cutting Sticks (10/pack)

Part Number(s): FL-76, FL-92
From $45.00

Graphic Whizard Impact Perf Rule

Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
Part Number(s): Imp-020, IMP-021
For GW Creasemaster
From $24.50

Graphic Whizard Ink Bottle

Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
Part Number(s): 10-005-GW, 10-006-GW
For Graphic Whizard Numbering machines
From $14.50

Graphic Whizard Pre inked pad with holder

Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
Part Number(s): 10-002-GW, 10-001-GW
For GW numbering machines
From $45.00

Graphic Whizard Perf/Score/Slit Blades

Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
Part Number(s): 10-092-GW, 10-093-GW, 10-094-GW, 10-095-GW, 10-097-GW, 10-098-GW, 10-099-GW, 10--100-GW, 10-102-GW, 10-096-GW
For GW 3000-12000 & Creasemaster
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