SOLD/VENDU BQ-270 Horizon (2009)

Perfect Binder
Manufacturer: Standard/Horizon


BQ-270 Horizon (2009)

Perfect Binder

The BQ-270C features high-quality production perfect binding with fully-automated operation and push-button simplicity. The BQ-270C single-clamp binder is designed for single-person production of up to 500 books per hour, and requires minimal operator training. Standard features include an ergonomically-situated digital caliper that measures book thickness and automatically transfers the settings to the binder for quick, automated changeover, color touch-screen control console, efficient single-edition POD book production, automatic air-suction cover feeding with in-line scoring, job programming, and same-location loading and unloading for easier single-person operation. The BQ-270C, with its state-of-the-art design, compact configuration, and full automation, is positioned to meet the demands of the short-run, print-on-demand book market.